• Mount Popa is an volcano whose outer casing of soil has been washed away, exposing the rock core which rises 1,500 feet above the plains outside  Bagan. Traditionally,  every Burmese king would make a pilgrimage to Mount  Popa, the legendary home of the Nats or spirits. To consult them before his reign could begin. Pilgrims visit Mount Popa in the Burmese month of nayon (May to June) to celebrate the annual festival of spirits.Of the thirty-seven Nats, the two most revered are the Mahagiri Nats who live in Mount Popa. Legend has it that they were a brother and sister who lived in the sixth century; the brother was reputedly burned alive in a flowering jasmine tree by the king, and his grief-stricken sister, the king’s wife, threw herself into the same fire.

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Hello, ma thet zin.

I am very glad by an encounter with you.
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