Intha people can be found living on or around Lake Inle in Shan State. Speaking a distinctive and unusual Burmese dialect, there is mystery over their origins in this area. Like the Pa-Os and Taungyos, it is thought that they are arrived from Lower Burma many centuries ago. By one account, they are descendants of southern Burmese who migrated north during the reign of the King Narapatisithu (1174-1210), although some scholars believe they stem from slaves taken captive during on-and-off wars with the Mons and Tavoyans.
The Intha are famous for their highly individual rowing technique. Fisherman wrap a paddle around one hand and leg and use this to propel the boat, while balancing precariously on the other. This position leaves them with one hand free, allowing them to drop a large conical new over passing fish in the shallow waters of the lake.

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Brian said...

I thought punting was difficult, at least you have 2 feet on the boat and you are not trying to fish at the same time.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Gosh, this looks really hard, especially if you are trying to fish at the same time!
Thank you for following. I love all of your photo's!
Following back.

Joop Zand said...

looks like a acrobat ....picture is oké.

greetings, Joop