Harry Potter & Burma Snake

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Elettra said...

Brurrrrrrr........Very nice!!!!!!!!!!

geminis said...

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Eternna said...

this blog cultivates the mind and soul

Franki said...

Un blog interesante de un lugar que no esta a mi alcance.

eden said...

Nice blog with great photos.

Thank you for the visit and comment

Zuzana said...

Hello and thank you for your recent visit and comment, what a lovely place you have here.;))
I do like snakes actually, they are cool creatures.;)

Janie said...

Cute conversation. I can imagine Harry talking casually to a snake.

Traci said...

This was one of my favorite scenes in the film. Your blog is just lovely!

Awais said...

Hahaha nice conversation Harry

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Just look at the face on Harry! This is charming.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Quite a perfect catch! I didn't note it in the movie :)